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Preventive Oncology

Complete Cancer Treatment Under one roof

Department of Preventive Oncology is offering the following services

Health education on cancer prevention and early detection

Assessment of an individual’s cancer risk

Encourage individual to take charge of their health by keeping track of cancer screening

Special focus services including behavior counseling and diet planning We are working on our motto Teach Me…Check Me…Catch Me… that helps an individual make informed decisions about getting screened.

Patient & Public Education

Early Detection
Full body Screening
Subsidized Free checkup
Industrial Health checkup and tie-ups
Investigations, Mammographies and Test’s conducted

We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories to detect the early signs of cancer so that we can help individuals at the earliest and increase their chances of better survival.

For Detail Contact
Dr. Zehan Irani
+91 99134 80333

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