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Complete Cancer Treatment

Under one roof

Oncology Surgery | Radiation Therapy | Chemotherapy | CT Scan

Total Surgeries
Total Chemo Therapy
Total Radiation Therapy
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Robotic Surgery

@ affordable price

1.25 Lakhs

(limited time offer)
aveksha 21st century hospitals

21st Century Cancer Care

21st Century Cancer Hospital is a first and only Cancer Hospital of Valsad district. This Cancer hospital in Vapi provides complete cancer treatment from surgery to Chemo and Radiation Therapy under one roof. We understand the importance of updated technology for treatment, hence the center is equipped with World’s most advanced LINAC HALCYON radiation therapy machine for cancer treatment and a Toshiba 32 slice CECT machine for imaging. To give the best cancer treatment, 21st Century Cancer Care conducts a tumor board meeting where a team of Cancer Surgeons – Medical Oncologists and Radiation Oncologist consults the patients in a single visit.

This Cancer Hospital in Vapi will cater to the nearby region of Daman to Silvassa in Dadra Nagar Haveli and from Surat to Virar in Maharashtra for cancer treatment under all government schemes. Now the patient needs not to travel to surat or Mumbai for radiation therapy after the launch of radiation therapy in Vapi.

Cancer Tumor Board Meeting

A tumor board is a group of doctors and other health care providers with different specialties (related to cancer), that meets regularly at the hospital to discuss cancer cases and share knowledge.

The board’s goal is to determine the best possible cancer treatment and plan for an individual patient. Having fresh perspectives from other doctors makes it much easier to come up with that plan.

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tumor board meeting vapi
For the appointment and inquiry of Tumor Board Meeting

Feel free to contact us on

All Government Schemes available

21st Century Cancer Care Hospital is now approved for all government Schemes for Complete Cancer treatment.

Our Services

Our services include all kinds of treatment and facilities for cancer treatment.

Treatment on World Best Machine

21st Century Cancer Care is equipped with the world’s best Radiation therapy machine VarianHalcyon. The treatment takes almost 5-7 minutes which is the fastest in south Gujarat. The treatment gives great results, so the patients can recover very fast.

No. The radiation therapy is not painful. It may cause you discomfort but is not painful.

The session may last 5-10 minutes.

You need to take your treatment daily except Sunday for rest.

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Patient Testimonial

Our Core Team

Meet our team of Aveksha 21st Century Cancer Care Center.

Dr. Akshay Nadkarni

Director | Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Khurram Sharif

Radiation Oncologist


Dr. Sandeep Ishi

Medical Oncologist


Dr. Mitesh Modi

Surgical Oncologist

Our main objectives

Control, Cure, Comfort


Early detection early is the cure

1. Self-examination
2. Cancer screening
3. Regular Health checkups
4. Social Awareness
5. Lifestyle modification
6. Education
7. De-addiction


Treatment begins as soon as the detection is done

1. Surgery
2. Radation therapy
3. Chemo therapy
4. Immuno therapy


The Center provides all care required for the patients

1. Follow up
2. Counseling
3. Palliative care
4. Physiotherapy
5. Diet and nutrition

Educational Videos

Check out our wide range of educational videos on YouTube

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