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Radiation Therapy

Complete Cancer Treatment Under one roof

Radiation Therapy

Dr. Siddharth Nagshet

Chief Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Siddharth Nagshet – MD Radiation oncologist trained in Hinduja. He shall be readily available with a warm smile to take care of the Radio Onco Dept

Team of dedicated Physicists – V.CHIDAMBARAM and radiation technologist from South India under the leadership of Humble and Talented Dr. Siddharth Nagshetfor best patient radio therapy experience with a smile.

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Halcyon Radiation Machine- A 14 crore machine imported from the USA in record time during the time of strictest of lockdown. Our team weathered the storm and catered to all the needy Cancer Patients giving them a ray of hope. We have treated almost 300+ patients during the lockdown to date.

State of the art Radiotherapy machine catering to over 95 % cancers – worlds fastest machine

Can take up to 120 patients a day Shortest treatment time 5-7min per day per patient

Minimal side effects

Varian is a USA based company -latest Model with facilities of IMRT, IGRT, 3D CRT, SRS & SBT

A tumor board is a group of doctors and other health care providers with different specialties (related to cancer), that meets regularly at the hospital to discuss cancer cases and share knowledge.

The board’s goal is to determine the best possible cancer treatment and plan for an individual patient. Having fresh perspectives from other doctors makes it much easier to come up with that plan.

Doctors such as pathologists, surgeons, and medical and radiation oncologists. Depending on the cases being discussed, additional doctors, such as gynaecologists, plastic surgeons, or urologists, may also participate.

A diverse range of other health care providers, including nurse specialists and social workers, may take part as well.

A patient’s privacy is always honored. Only people who need to be involved in your care take part in the discussion.


Ethical & Perfect Treatment Plans and Protocols just like TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL by our team trained AT TATA MEMORIAL

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